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The Best of Pill Pushing - The business of male urinary incontinence
Tue, Feb 1, 2022

No more wads of paper towels down your pants! (Originally posted 2018)

The Best of Pill Pushing - The pharmacology of death by suicide
Sun, Aug 1, 2021

A fistful of pills may not stop all the pain (Originally posted 2/1/2018)

What color is your clinical trial?
Sat, May 1, 2021

Is there racism in drug development?

Would we be better off if viruses did not exist?
Thu, Apr 1, 2021

If they didn't, then neither would we.

The Best of Pill Pushing- Why dogs eat grass and monkeys eat dirt
Mon, Mar 1, 2021

Zoopharmacognosy - aka animals that self-medicate (Originally posted 1/1/2018)

The Best of Pill Pushing - Things that go wrong with your bum
Mon, Feb 1, 2021

The end is here (Originally posted 10/23/2019)

How the shame of cancer corrodes your soul
Fri, Jan 1, 2021

Guilt and remorse only make it worse

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