Policies – Working with you


Rx-Press will make every effort to work within your budget. Rx-Press has no rate sheet as such, but project fees will be based on the following: 

—   Deadlines – Faster turnaround times will warrant a slightly higher fee

—   Provision of an outline – If an adequate and complete outline is provided, the fee can be lowered; otherwise the drafting of an outline will be included in the fee

—   Input – The scope of the project – including the agreed upon fee – must be stated in writing; an email is suitable

—   Revisions – Typically, two revisions are factored into a project, one for the communications company and one for the pharmaceutical client (or a total of two for the client). Additional revisions will be billed on an hourly basis

—   Invoices – Rx-Press generates an invoice for 25-50% of the entire fee within 10 days after the project begins. Typically, payment is expected between 30-45 days after issuance of the invoice. According to the agreement between Rx-Press and the client, the next and/or final invoice is generated following submission of the first draft of the project. If the pharmaceutical company cancels a project after the submission of the first draft, the communications company is responsible for fulfilling the entire fee.

—   Project fees – Rx-Press prefers that a project fee is based on the entire project as opposed to an hourly rate. However, an hourly rate is possible if Rx-Press and the communications company agree upon that payment method

—   Please forward any additional questions about Rx-Press company policies to policies@rx-press.com

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