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Internet report - The flu vaccine causes COVID-19 - (8/4/2020)

By Dr. Ron Gasbarro

Tim noticed the pharmacist putting a sign outside his store that said, "Flu shots coming soon!" Hey, doc,” Tim yelled out to the pharmacist. “I just read this study on the internet written by a doctor that said flu shots will increase the risk of COVID-19 infection. That’s pretty serious! I think I’m going to put my flu shot on the back burner until all this gets straightened out.”

The pharmacist wanted to know more. Tim showed the pharmacist the study. The first clue that something was out of the ordinary were the credentials of the study author. He was an ND, or a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Such a doctor specializes in helping the body heal itself through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and just about anything that does not have to do with medications or vaccines. Such health professionals typically have something to sell, whether it is a book, or a line of supplements, or their general personalities on cable television shows. Like any “doctor,” some are honest; others not. 

It’s a free country, right? This person has every right to say what he thinks. If he wants to scare people away from getting a vaccine for this year's influenza – a disease that has killed tens of thousands of Americans in previous years – then that becomes a problem. Indeed, you can stand up in a movie theater and yell "FIRE!" Free speech, right? But, there will be a penalty for causing the mayhem that follows. 

About 2 in 5 Americans will do anything to avoid getting a flu shot with the 12-inch needle that comes out the other end of your arm. And, yes, the flu shot is, at best, only 50% effective. Let’s couple this with getting deadly COVID-19 simply BECAUSE you got a flu shot. With 160,000 Americans already dead from COVID-19 in 4 months, you would undoubtedly be a goner if you got a flu shot. How does this nutrition author rationalize his findings that the flu shot causes COVID-19? Mostly by verbal sleight of hand. First, many different types of COVID (coronaviruses) exist. This group of viruses causes diseases in many animals, including humans. At least one coronavirus causes the common cold (Gesundheit!). Here is where the smoke and mirrors come in. If the flu shot kills the flu viruses, then COVID comes a-knockin’. But it could be COVID-1, COVID-19, or COVID-678. The author did not bother to go that far. He just said, "COVID." He did not say COVID-19.  

Yet, the medical press, ever looking for a "scoop," filled in the blank. "Don't get a flu shot unless you want to get COVID-19, be on a ventilator, and then die while your family watches you through a plate glass window as the TV cameras roll." Therefore, will more people die of influenza this season because even more people fear getting a flu shot? Snopes (snopes.com) and FactCheck (factcheck.org) are respected references for unscrambling internet myths and rumors. When asked whether flu shots will increase the risk of COVID-19 infection, both gave a resounding FALSE. States the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), any flu infection can cause complications, hospitalization, or death. Therefore, a flu vaccine is better than risking getting both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. If so, this author recommends a rose granite headstone with a 30-inch top and 40-inch base. 

The internet is fraught with lies and tricksters, ranging from Russian disinformation to the vainglorious hacks who bang out confusing drivel for millions of bucks. Watch your back. It’s your body and your wallet.  

Ron Gasbarro, PharmD, is a registered pharmacist, medical writer, and principal at Rx-Press.  


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